Academic reinforcement in schools tends to perpetuate unhealthy competition and stress amongst children. This is because academic reinforcement in schools is slowly eliminating fun learning activities. This imbalance between work and play can hinder your child’s cognitive growth. Therefore, Positive Ally is coming up with a summer program for kids in Bellevue and summer camps for kids in Bellevue.

Positive Ally offers best summer camps in Bellevue. We are determined to develop your child’s personality with the help of certified professionals. Our summer camps in Bellevue are designed to help your child excel in both academics and real-life challenges.

The framework of our summer camps consists of organized extracurricular activities. Some activities like nutrition, science, musical theater, public speaking, destination imagination, and theatre are mandatory. Whereas activities like visual arts, keyboarding, and software coding are elective. These activities offered outside of the classroom helps a child to learn new things in a fun way. The purpose of introducing fun learning activities is to induce learning without any stress. Extracurricular activities ensure that a child develops interpersonal skills, communication skills, coping and self-management skills, and critical thinking and decision-making skills. At Positive Ally, we are here to help your child develop his/her leadership skills.

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