At Positive Ally, we understand that every child is unique and so is their brain. Unlike schools, we focus on the cognitive development every child. We believe that a child needs both academic and life learning skills. Therefore, we offer the best summer camps in Chantilly and summer program for kids in Chantilly.

Our summer camps in Chantilly are designed to expose your child to life-changing experiences. The summer camps offer organized extracurricular activities like public speaking, destination imagination, theater, visual arts, musical theater, science, and nutrition. In addition to these activities, we also offer electives like software coding and keyboarding. These activities will boost your child’s confidence while cheering his/her morale. We have certified professionals who will guide your child and keep track of their progress.

The framework of our summer camps is designed to teach your child leadership skills like communication, cooperation and relationship building, motivation, responsibility, and awareness etc. Through our program, your child will also learn to cope with difficult situations, self-management skills and think critically. Enhanced critical thinking skills will help your child in problem-solving or decision making. Now your child can play and learn with our fun learning activities offered in summer camps for kids in Chantilly.

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