Today, a child’s overall development is not solely dependent on his/her academic orientation. The classroom lessons are not sufficient for your child’s personality development. There is an emergence of after school programs due to the unhealthy competition in academics. A lot of learning academies are now offering after school programs in South Riding or after school child care in South Riding. But if you are looking for best after school care in South Riding or after school program in South Riding then you can put your trust in Positive Ally.

Positive Ally offers after school program in South Riding that has an individualized 30-day study plan. The study plan focuses on homework, extracurricular activities and organized sports. The purpose of our leadership programs in South Riding is to boost your child’s confidence thus developing his/her personality. It is therefore that our program has fun learning activities. These activities include theater, destination imagination, public speaking, visual arts, etc. Such activities are beneficial in a child’s cognitive development. They engage the child’s mind in critical thinking and thus enhancing his/her decision-making skills. The program is designed to ensure that your child learns to find a creative solution in order to cope with any stressful situation.

After school programs