Preparing for an AI future

The kindergarteners currently in our program will graduate from high school in the year 2028. What will the world be like then? Will we have robots to do our bidding? This article anticipates that many of the manual tasks currently performed by the human workforce will be taken over by artificial intelligence. So what will be left for human expertise? What will we be able to do better than AI? The article posits that humans will still be better at emotional learning, compassion, empathy and tasks that require cognitive intricacies, if we prepare students accordingly. While the article focuses on MBA programs, it may not be far fetched to imagine the impact of smart machines creeping into education even earlier. It will be more and more important to encourage students in “creativity, innovative thinking, moral judgments, and high social/emotional engagement” at younger and younger ages.

Engage and discuss: What are some ways that your child already uses AI better than you do? What does your child think they do better than smart machines? What are some ways that you’re encouraging innovative thinking and sound moral judgments in your family?